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Once upon a time...

The Croissant Tree was established in 1981 and has been growing steadily ever since. The owners came to Canada from Europe as two hopeful young men. They wanted to bring the cafe- the meeting place of Europeans - to Toronto. Deciding to specialize in croissants, they set out to learn all they could and voila. The Croissant Tree emerged.

With their hands in the dough, they perfected the traditional method of making croissants and enhanced it by using only the finest ingredients. They used 100% pure butter and hand-rolled each individual croissant. We do exactly the same today. In the lean nineties, croissants may seem like an extravagant indulgence but we have found that our nutrition conscious customers may eat sweets less often, but when they do, they demand quality. In our stores you will also find the de rigeur staple of all cafes; coffee. Our coffee is privately roasted and is of superior quality. We are committed to excellence and we know that our increasingly sophisticated clientele recognize the genuine article when they taste it. To compliment our coffee culture we have introduced salads, sandwiches, soups, hot dishes and many other popular items.

After experiencing success with our premium quality baked goods in our own retail stores, wholesale became a natural progression. Initially just accommodating word of mouth requests for service, our wholesale has grown to include a factory facility that employs a 24-hour staff of professional bakers and a team of delivery people.

Most recently, The Croissant Tree retail concept has been expanded to include several high profile franchised locations in both Toronto and Mississauga. We look forward to continued growth with our retail locations and to ever increasing name recognition with our wholesale products.

We invite you to come for a taste of old world tradition in any of our new world locations!